New LVD Brake

At Pure Ingenuity, we are dedicated to constantly improving our fabrication techniques. We continue to deliver products with the superior fit and finish our customers demand, and we strive to do so ever more efficiently, minimizing scrap, lead times, and costs. This is why we are so excited about adding an LVD Strippit Easyform press brake to our equipment lineup. This advanced CNC machine measures the bend angle and adjusts in real-time. State of the art software takes our solid models and accesses our tooling database to generate flat patterns for our laser to cut. Consistently accurate flat patterns and bend angles measured and corrected in real-time mean that the first part made is a good part, every time.

Leveraging our new capabilities will allow the engineers and fabricators at Pure Ingenuity to turn solid models into high quality finished parts faster than ever. Contact us to discuss the value this could add to your next project.

The Pure Ingenuity Team

LVD Easyform press brake

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