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Precision Fabrication

Precision Fabrication

Astute design decisions lead to the most cost-effective manufacturing methods. Our Design & Fabrication Services Team is the true embodiment of Pure Ingenuity™.

As long-standing employees and veteran craftsmen, they are some of the most seasoned and highly credentialed professionals in the industry. Our collective experience and vast exposure to manufacturing best practices in leading facilities shapes our approach to designing machines that not only work well, but are also cost effective to construct and maintain.

From our excellent project management and detailed, accurate estimating to prototyping, fabrication, assembly and finishing, our mantra and our method can be summed up as exacting attention to every last detail. That’s how we can confidently promise you’ll get the right equipment solution the first time, every time.

With a modern fabrication facility and a tight circle of quality suppliers and partners, we are eminently equipped to handle everything from the simplest to the most demanding equipment challenges.

These are just some of our shop capabilities:

  • Sheet & plate cutting
    • Plasma, water-jet, laser & punch
    • CNC press braking, shearing
    • A full line of machining processes
  • Control systems, wiring, programming
    • A wealth of qualified sub-contractors
  • Welding
    • TIG MIG SM and more
    • CWB approved
    • TSSA approved
    • Orbital & hand sanitary pipe welding

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