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Custom equipment design and fabrication for Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage industries.
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Complex problems. Custom solutions.

At Pure Ingenuity™, we design and manufacture custom stainless steel and aluminum processing equipment and machinery for leading manufacturers in North America and around the globe. We offer a full range of engineering disciplines and technical trades such as: welding, machining, metal forming and fabrication, electrical automation and programming. We work with clients - from project inception to completion - to solve their manufacturing problems, providing detailed designs, manufacturing, installation and ongoing customer care.

Come to us with your custom equipment challenge and we will solve, design and deliver.

Unique needs. Innovative design.

Pure Ingenuity™ specializes in providing custom designed manufacturing equipment for any industry that uses machinery requiring the unique properties of stainless steel - a strong, sterile and corrosion resistant material. We also utilize various other materials, such as aluminum, plastics and carbon fiber composites - each with its own distinctive advantages - when it best suits a machine’s design.

Many of Pure Ingenuity’s™ clients are involved in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and fine chemical manufacturing industries and require large scale processing equipment, stainless steel tanks, stainless steel vessels and pressure vessels. However, we have applied our engineering expertise across many different fields, including, alternative energy, biotechnology, textiles, automotive, and even the entertainment industry.

Whatever business you may be in, Pure Ingenuity™ offers superior engineering, clean design, and custom built machinery.

Creative vision. Invaluable results.

How does a food processing company maintain food safety standards while increasing production? Can a major pharmaceutical company find a fail-proof way to filter the air of highly toxic powders? How do you build a sanitary and efficient piping system for a health and beauty company so it can package large amounts of different products?

First, you ask the right questions. You determine a client’s basic needs and the challenges they must overcome. And then you design and fabricate a piece of machinery that meets the client’s exact specifications. From specialized food processing and pharmaceutical equipment to film sets and experimental apparatus for education and research, our team of highly skilled professional engineers and fabricators deliver creative solutions that help improve production, efficiency and profitability.

Simply ingenious, that’s Pure Ingenuity™.

At Pure Ingenuity, we are dedicated to providing superior design and fabrication of high fit and finishing equipment in both stainless steel and aluminum. Bring us your manufacturing problem and we will solve, design and deliver.


November 4, 2016
Pure Ingenuity is the subject of a feature article in the latest issue of Canadian Fabricating and Welding: Pure Ingenuity adds to fabricating sophistication with 14-axis press brake.
June 8, 2016
At Pure Ingenuity, we are dedicated to constantly improving our fabrication techniques. We continue to deliver products with the superior fit and finish our customers demand, and we strive to do so...

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